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The Prairie Dogs cover

ISBN 9781550051131
164pp trade paperback

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The Prairie Dogs is also an audiobook available for download from your local public library!

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Prince Pierrot Rudolphe IV used to live the pampered life of a star, travelling across the country in a silver coach. Now the champion agility dog lives the adventurous life of an abandoned stray, travelling on four paws through the dusty streets of a small prairie town.

And he travels with three new friends; Dare, the terrier that nothing can scare; Mouse, the bug-addicted, fainting Chihuahua; and Mew, the pup who thinks she's a cat. Together, they call themselves the Prairie Dogs, their mission to have fun and stay out of trouble.

Too bad trouble comes looking for them. There's the wild and vicious wolf-dog who roams the countryside looking for prey. There's the gun-happy exotic animal rancher who thinks Pierre killed his prized peacocks. There's the Great Dane who's looking for revenge against those four little thieves who keep stealing his supper. And the roughneck Bull Dogs think a dog with Pierre's brains belongs in their pack, in spite of that sissy haircut.

Quick wits and quick feet keep the Prairie Dogs one step ahead of disaster until the night a friend's life is in danger. Only the Prairie Dogs can save him, but to do so they must venture deep into the heart of the Bull Dogs' territory. And the Bull Dogs aren't the only dangers lying in wait for them in the prairie night . . .

For readers aged 7-12 and dog lovers of all ages.

The Prairie Dogs is illustrated by Philippe Beha of Montreal. Born and educated in France, Philippe Beha is a two-time winner of the Governor General's Award and was nominated for the 2014 Hans Christian Andersen Award. He has illustrated over one hundred children's books.

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"A delightful, fast-paced tale of canine survival and camaraderie that ends with a wholly satisfying conclusion." ~ Quill and Quire

"Its genuine appeal is Goertzen's ability to think like a dog and write humorously from that mind set." ~ Canadian Children's Book News Magazine

"Pierre and his Prairie Dog friends are caring, supportive and protective of each other, yet their story does not escape the harsh reality of independent existence...An entertaining story, especially for animal lovers..." ~ Resource Links

"Very enjoyable... a must for school, public and personal libraries for middle year students. Highly recommended." ~ CM Magazine

"...The story gives humans a chance to see ourselves, not 'as others see us,' but as dogs see us. Humorous with plenty of action and suspense..." ~ Canadian Book Review Annual

Nominated for the 2005 Saskatchewan Book Award.

Nominated for the 2006 Ontario Library Association Silver Birch Award.

Nominated for the 2006/2007 Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Diamond Willow Award.

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