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City Dogs cover

ISBN 9781554550050
128pp trade paperback

Available from most online bookstores and United Library Services. Click here to order signed copies from the author.

City Dogs is also an audiobook available for download from your local public library!

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The Prairie Dogs are back!

When Pierre the poodle and Dare the terrier are kidnapped from their small prairie town, their friends hop a train to the big city to rescue them. Little do they know Pierre and Dare have already escaped and are having the adventure of their lives!

New friends and old enemies join the Prairie Dogs as they race through the city in search of a safe place for Dare to have her puppies. With the help of a team of sled dogs and a smoking magpie, Pierre and Dare manage to elude a pair of ruthless thieves, television cameras, and the dreaded Crunchy Nibbles, only to become trapped in a very odd place indeed.

Mew, the puppy who thought she was a kitten, is all grown up now but just as catlike as ever. Mouse the Chihuahua still faints at the first hint of danger, but he is determined to brave any peril to rescue his friends. However, this might be the Prairie Dogs' most difficult rescue yet . . .

For readers aged 7-12 and dog lovers of all ages.

City Dogs is illustrated by Peter Hudecki of Ontario. A television animator, Peter Hudecki's production credits include TV programs such as Babar, Inspector Gadget and The Adventures of Tintin.

A sequel to The Prairie Dogs and a prequel to Miracle Dogs.

"Suspenseful and amusing reading...It is Goertzen's ability to "speak dog" that makes the book so enjoyable for all dog lovers." ~ Canadian Children's Book News

"Fast-paced and well written, the story also includes interesting glimpses of the surrounding prairie. The animal characters are fun, friendly and loyal, providing appealing entertainment for the young reader." ~ Resource Links

"...The humour in City Dogs is delightful. The characters, again, are the dogs who add their own humour to the story as they are naive but loveable...An excellent addition for personal, class, school and public libraries...Highly recommended." ~ CM Magazine

"This story is pure entertainment where the action never stops and the characters are full of fun and mischief." ~ Canadian Book Review Annual

"Looking for a great book for the canine fanatics in your family? Try City Dogs, the sequel to Prairie Dogs by Saskatchewan author Glenda Goertzen. . . A rollicking tale of survival and friendship." ~ The Guelph Mercury

Nominated for the 2007 Saskatchewan Book Award.

Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids & Teens, 2008.

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