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The Prairie Dogs Photo Gallery

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The Prairie Dogs was partly inspired by these photos taken on my travels around southern Saskatchewan.

The Lone Tree
Mew's Tree
The tree where Pierre finds Mew asleep. This is a cottonwood poplar north of Swift Current. It is known locally as "The Lone Tree" or "The Southwest Saskatchewan Forest."

Wildflowers to you and me, but a jungle to a small dog. Just some of the many prairie plants surrounding the burrow the Prairie Dogs call home.

The Fence
The Water Park Fence
The fence Pierre climbs to escape the Bull Dogs.

Pile o' Tires
The pile of old tires where Dare hides from the Bull Dogs.
The buffalo ridden by Pierre and Mew. I was lucky there was a fence between us--he charged me when I snapped this picture. "Five dollars per photo, please!" See if you can spot this photo in the background of one of the illustrations in Miracle Dogs.

Elbow Sand Hills
Elbow Sand Hills
Sand dunes in one of several prairie deserts scattered around Saskatchewan. Pierre and his friends will have the opportunity to explore one of these deserts in their fourth book, Dinosaur Dogs.

Prairie Landscape
Prairie Landscape
The Saskatchewan prairie has many different environments. It's not all wheat fields!

Rolling Irrigation System
Irrigation On the Move
This rolling irrigation system has nothing to do with The Prairie Dogs. I just think it's a cool picture.

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